Breath of The Wild For Switch and Beyond

An image from Oceanhorn 2 depicting protagonist Hero running away from a fire-breathing dragon in the sky.

The second incredibly obvious nod to Link’s open-world adventure, Oceanhorn 2 by Cornfox & Bros. is a straight-up mirror of Breath of the Wild—perhaps more so than Immortals Fenyx Rising. Oceanhorn 2‘s art style resembles BOTW. The combat, while it doesn’t feature weapon durability, feels like BOTW. Hell, even the main character, the silent protagonist Hero, looks like Link in BOTW with his blonde hair, blue tunic, and sword and shield in tow. The equivalence is truly uncanny here! But what really sells the commonality is the game’s environment, which is littered with lush trees, signposts, enemy-populated forts, and the occasional puzzle dungeon. You really can’t get more BOTW than Oceanhorn 2—unless you replay BOTW.

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